The Simple Rules of Facebook Social Media Marketing

Social medSocial media in Marketingia in marketing is the best thing that has ever happened to businesses.  Before, you need to spend thousands for research and surveys.  But now, the social networking sites have allowed you to learn more about your target market without having to spend much.  Isn’t that just amazing?  Now, here are the dos and don’ts for you to fully understand what social media marketing is about.

Always Offer Something

This is true not just for online marketing with the social media, but as well as for offline marketing.  The only way to capture your market is to show them that you can offer them something more affordable, something new, something unique.  Other than that, you will find it difficult to attract more customers your way.  So, the post should be eye-catching.  Remember not to ask anything from your potential clients too…this will be to bothering to them.

Build Trusting Relationships

Of course, this is a general etiquette.  In the real life, you don’t just approach a person and suddenly say, “Hello, my name is Janice, I am here to sell you delicious chocolates.”  This is too awkward.  It would be better to be friends with these people first, get to know what they like, etc.  Once you have established a connection with them, you can begin telling about the product and services that you have.  This is powerful because you will be able to make these people capable of giving out testimonials and video responses that you can post in the future.

Share Valuable Content

You should not make posts that seem to be filled with nonsense.  The people in social networking sites are too fed-up with nonsense.  This means no over-posting.  It is not good to post every hour.  2- 5 times a day of meaningful posts will be nice enough.  What’s important is that you do share it to the friends that you have online.  Also, make sure that you are going to promote the products and services in a manner that will be stirring enough conversation about the special offers that you have.  For instance, there will be a free item up for grabs for the week, you should focus on that.  Remind the people what is up on a daily basis.

So there, we hope that these simple tips in doing social media in marketing have been helpful to you.  The internet is a powerful tool for the success of your company, so use it wisely.


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